A Skeleton in the Closet: A Classic Western

Small Silver Coins. A Classic Western book cover. Cover art: A bookcover with a old west gentleman cowboy in a cowboy hat.

A Skeleton in The Closet -
The History of the Laslow Family:
A Classic Western

From the back cover:

On July 6, 1882, Jacob Laslow was hanged in Caldwell, Arizona.
In 1946, Jeffery Laslow returned with his wife to his hometown of Caldwell for the funeral of his grandfather (Steven Edward 'Big Ed' Laslow), who was a prominent attorney. At the funeral, Mitsy notices the grave of Jacob Laslow, who was hanged in 1882, and Jeff asks relatives who the man was. Everyone assures him the man was not a relative. Later at his grandmother's home, he peruses the family bible and discovers a name has been blotted out. He suspects the erased name is the executed man and begins to research why no one knows about him. The story flashes back to 1882, and we learn that Jacob was Ed's younger brother who is in love with Florence Thomas, who loves him as well, but wishes to go to a San Francisco. Jake loves their hometown of Caldwell and will not leave. However, a troublemaker (Pete March) comes to town and catches Flo's eye. Pete's enemies encourage Jake to confront Pete. Meanwhile, in 1946, Jeff decides to write a biography of his famous grandfather.

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