Where is the Glory- A Saga of Tragedy and Triumph

Where is the Glory- A Saga of Tragedy and Triumph book cover. Cover art: A bookcover with a confederate civi war officer on horseback charging with a cannon firing in his direction

Where is the Glory-
A Saga of Tragedy and Triumph:
A Classic Western

From the back cover:

In 1861, Cader Mitchell lives in the Piney Woods of Mississippi. He has a large family and a prosperous business in Covington County. He owns no slaves in a society where slave ownership is seen as the ultimate show of status. However, he fears the future as political events have been spinning out of control for years. The new Confederate government promises a glorious future of low taxes and low prices. Cader is not optimistic. Two years later, after a conscription act, six sons are dead. The economy is in shambles and unbelievable disaster is unfolding. Rich men are exempted from combat duty, Confederate officials are collecting taxes in kind to support the war and no end is in sight. Now, some citizens are not only refusing to support the war, they are resisting violently. Some of these men are Cader’s neighbors and friends. In order for his family to survive, Cader Mitchell must carefully chart a course between the opposing forces tearing south-central Mississippi apart in the American Civil War. Based upon actual events and taken from political, church and family records, Where is the Glory: A Saga of Tragedy and Triumph is a sad, heartbreaking and poignant account of common citizens dealing with forces beyond their control and striving to survive in an insane world. While written as a novel, this is the story of my Paternal great-great-great grandparents: Cader and Sarah Mitchell.

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Paperback by , 471 pages
Publisher: Pale Horse Publications - July 13, 2022
Language: English
ISBN-13: 979-8840441558
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